We use technology to build a healthy and thriving business with you

Runagood® matches business owners with trained local AI Business Advisor®s, who use software to instantly provide one to one support from understanding the health and value of any business today to helping the business owner achieve their long term goal.

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Find out the health status of your business

Answer 20 questions and we will score your business based on other businesses in your sector comparing how you perform against them in Marketing, Operations, Systems, People and Finance, in terms of precise lost sales, profit and value.


Determine the future value of your business

Carry out a discovery session to select feasible goals for your business and identify the key milestones along the way.


Identify the key actions to attain your chosen value and performance targets

Generate a plan in minutes using the right automated template for you.


Roll your sleeves up and let’s build a better business together

Implement any of the 5000 pre planned actions helping you to succeed through mentoring, coaching and consulting support.


Trusted by the business community


Runagood® has given us the ability to get results in minutes that used to take hours, enabling a project to be profitably agreed and commenced, in one meeting. And the ability thereafter, to track its progress at will."

Ily Maisanda of Maisanda & Co Chartered Management Accountants


You need business experience to use this software but once you get clients hooked on it they see the impact it makes to their business and are happy to keep paying the monthly subscriptions."

Carl Benfield of Refresh Business Ltd


As a consultant I've always had a small number of clients who I charge large amounts to. But Runagood® allows me to charge small amounts to a large number of SME's. It's truly bringing consultancy into the 21st Century. "

Sapphire Gray of Business Change Masters


I recently opened my bread shop with no business experience and I've truly benefitted from having a local advisor and the software at hand with 24/7 support."

Ali from The Bread Boutique


This is like no other software. It provides smart advice on any business issue. It's helped us market our store to both locals as well as those in neighbouring areas."

Hossein from Kennedy's of West 9

After (too much) thought and discussions, I became an AI Business Advisor with a mix of hope and curiosity and my expectations have been exceeded to the extent that I now see exactly what to do and how to do it. I have walked away as a confident Business Analyst and will follow the pathway to becoming a Business Advice Centre."

Donna Panton of JP Accountancy and Tax Solutions

Let’s build a better business together

Start your journey of either seeking or giving advice instantly