AI Business Advisor® replaces it and throws in breakfast and supper as well.

Enabling accountants to diversify into business advice with readymade, risk-free, and proven AI, it is an entire business advisory package that you learn to use in one day.

From analyzing any business’s performance benchmarks and market value in minutes to generating infinitely variable forecasts and plans, it delivers 5000 practical solutions for you to implement with old and new clients alike.

You can handle up to 200 deeply impressed clients at once all paying monthly subscriptions at rates from £50 to £500. Getting you into this huge small business market affordably and profitably for the first time.

Attend one of our Runagood® National Briefing Events to find out how it’s done and learn about the compelling ROI available to you.

We will be visiting:

7th February 2019 Hampshire    
Runagood® Business Show comes to Hampshire

14th February 2019 Cambridge
Runagood® Business Show comes to Cambridge

19th February 2019 London Bridge    
Runagood® Business Show comes to London Bridge

28th February 2019 Leicester
Runagood® Business Show comes to Leicester

And...  Every Tuesday London
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