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Accredit your practice as a Runagood® Business Centre


This intensive onsite programme will build on your individual
Business Advisor Certification(s) to create within your practice:

  1. A marketing strategy to take the local market for business advice:
    a) Converting existing clients
    b) Capturing new clients

  2. An operations strategy to deliver service levels that add value and
    drive repeat/retained business

  3. New skills to profitably support client projects by:
    a) Advising
    b) Mentoring
    c) Coaching
    d) Training
    e) Consulting
    f) Project Managing

  4. A systems strategy to exploit technology for efficient working

  5. A people strategy to drive productivity and commitment

  6. A financial strategy to generate profits and cash

  7. A valuation strategy to develop business wealth

  8. Choice of an additional business strategy from:
    a) Exit
    b) Recovery
    c) Growth
    d) Lifestyle
    e) Effectiveness
    f) Diversification

…And recover the cost and time spent within 3 months


Qualification: Business Centre Accreditation
Skills: Business Advice
AI licence to use: All Runagood® software
Duration: Two Days
Cost: £4999 +VAT
ROI: One new client per week - high fee. New client referrals