Runagood® AI Business Advisor® compresses consultancy time by 90%

The 3 stage technology enables an advisor to lead a client through a process of analysis, planning and solution identification in a matter of minutes

The practical Small Business Advice software that is simple, affordable and easy to use.



Business Assessment & Valuation

The Business Dashboard® measures and reports in 10 minutes any business’s health, current value and true potential, benchmarked to other businesses in the same industry sector. Find out what your business scores in Marketing, Operations, Systems People, Finance and it's Value today. Click below to view an example report.

Business Forecast & Planning

Map the achievable options to grow the business's performance and value from 3 years up to 10 years. Then use the pre-loaded planning models that organise practical improvement actions required to achieve that value.


Business Methods & Documents

Use one of the 5000 practical and detailed action steps that introduce or improve any aspect of the business from advertising locally to marketing globally. Download editable Business Documents and Templates to implement these action steps which help business owners build a better business.

Business Consultancy Skills

Techniques to profitably support clients through business performance and value improvement projects. How and when to use: Mentoring; Coaching; Training; Consultancy; Project Management, profitably.



Business Centre

Create a vibrant new profit centre in 5 days to deal with every business’s every need, be it: Marketing; Operations; Service; Systems; People; Finance; Profitability; Cashflow; Valuation; Crisis; Exit; Recovery; Growth; Lifestyle; Effectiveness; Diversification; or Risk.